Smart Warranty

An extraordinary winter 2020/21 lies ahead of us. Come to the mountains with friends or family and enjoy a relaxing time. Recharge your energy, improve your physical and mental condition in the mountains. We value your passion for winter experiences and that is why the safety of our customers is our top priority. We pay particular attention to developments in the current situation. For us, it is important to implement particularly preventive measures in our ski area. For your well-being and ours. That is why we pay attention to the announcements and recommendations of the health authority of the Austrian Republic as well as to reports from the World Health Organization. We do our best in all areas to make your stay in the mountains pleasant and safe.


In order to make the winter experiences pleasant, please note the following information and measures:


  • we maintain strict hygiene standards, the staff use a mouth and nose cover, and we repeatedly disinfect the cabin and contact areas to a greater extent.
  • buy ski passes from the comfort of your home via GOPASS, plan your skiing in advance at the best prices.
  • if you do not want to use the ski passes, you can cancel them for a symbolic fee and plan your skiing for another date. It is similarly done in the event of unforeseen circumstances related to COVID-19
  • take advantage of the opportunity to buy the clever little season (Šikovná sezónka) at the current best price and ski without restrictions in winter 2020/21
  • use the FAST PASS surcharge in selected ski areas.
  • get on the slopes with the ski pass you have bought in advance and minimize contacts
  • use veil / mouth and nose covers
  • note the clearances when boarding
  • use the disinfection available.

Smart warranty

We are convinced that the winter season will be great. At the same time, however, we understand your concerns about the future due to previous coronavirus events. That is why we have prepared the SKILLED GUARANTEE (ŠIKOVNÁ GARANCIA) for you, which is arranged to bring you greater peace of mind when making your decision to buy the smart seasonal product (Šikovná sezónka) 2020/2021.

FAQ Winterseason 2020 / 2021


Three steps to the best skiing:

    Buy your ski pass at the best price in advance via GOPASS
    Go skiing and enjoy the ride
    Plan your next skiing at the best prices


    Get on the slopes with your pre-purchased ski pass, minimize the number of contacts
    Use a veil / face cover
    Pay attention to the distance when boarding
    Use the disinfection available

Mölltaler Gletscher closed until further notice!

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Mölltaler Gletscher closed until further notice!

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