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Excursion fares

Prices are valid only for guests without sport equipment.

Mölltaler Gletscher Adults Juniors Children Seniors
↑↓ Gletscherexpress + Gondel
only online on www.gopass.travel
32 23,5 15,5 29
↑↓ Gletscherexpress + Gondel 32,5 24,5 16,5 29,5
↑↓ Gletscherexpress 22 16,50 11 20

*Tarif- und Terminänderungen vorbehalten!

Day passes explanations

Reduction for severely disabled: from 60% disability. ID required!

Discount for ski tourers: e.g. Ascent and descent Stollenbahn "Gletscher Express": € 26,00 / person

The ski passes are issued on key cards. For this a security deposit of EURO 5,00 per card will be charged.

If the card is returned without damage, the deposit will be refunded.

Please note: there is no replacement for lost and forgotten ski passes!

The prices are given in EURO and include VAT!

Dates and tariff changes reserved!

The operator reserves the right to close the cableway in case of abnormal events (wind, power failure, etc.).

The current operating condition of the cable car is updated daily at www.moelltaler-gletscher.at

Auszug aus den Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen - Winterskifahren Saison 2022/2023. You can find the full version on www.moelltaler-gletscher.at.


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