For all hikes as well as for walks in alpine and high alpine terrain we recommend good shoes and warm clothing, as well as rain protection.

In addition, inform yourself more precisely about the hiking trails before starting a hike.

Easier hiking trails

2 Eisseeweg - Gletschererlebnis (ideal for families)

3 Duisburgerweg

10 Wanderweg Hochwurtenspeicher

13 Wanderweg Weißseehaus

Demanding hiking trails

1 Gletscherwanderweg - View of 30 three thousand meter peaks

4 Höhenwanderung

6 Feldseewanderung

9 Connecting road to Kleinfragant - Innerfragant

14 Richard-Helfer-Weg

A, B, C Touring routes

Touring trails are paths and mountain trails, some of which are only suitable for experienced hikers. It is recommended to walk these trails only with a mountain guide and to wear appropriate mountain equipment. Day tours on the mentioned touring paths and to the Sonnblick are offered by the Alpine School Flattach. Information is available from our local mountain guide, Mr. Zraunig Peter (0664/4551848). For these tours we recommend a professional hiking map!


5 Tauernhöhenweg and Touring Trail A

MÖLLTALER GLETSCHER: Dnes zavorene kvoli nepriaznivemu pocasiu!

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